Thursday, December 2, 2010

~A Gift to You ~

“A gift to you”

You are shattered and broken
You fall down and cry
You always question
As your screaming out why

I give to you my friend
My hands to help you stand tall
Can you feel my strength
You are no longer alone

You tremble with pain
Your anger soars
You deny everyone around you
For you hurt to the core

I give to you my friend
My shoulders to bear it all
You are no longer alone
I am for you that strong

For this pain you carry
Makes you want to run and hide
You think no one understands
All this pain you keep inside

I give to you my friend
My warm embrace
You are no longer alone
Together now it can be faced

You tremble with tears
You feel so alone
Your heart is in so much pain
You no longer can see anyone

I give to you my friend
My eyes to see it through
You are no longer alone
For I have always been standing next to you

You want to give up
You just want to throw it all in
You can’t see any way out
You think your pain is going to win

I give to you my friend
My heart it’s a gift to you
For you are no longer alone
For now my heart beats for two

I stand next to you
While you’re still on your knees
I place this gift in front of you
This gift will always be me

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  1. always my pleasure to gaze upon your flowers in a garden...where we dance....what a gift like none other..xoxo

  2. Thank you kindly !! What a beautiful comment....

  3. Dawn you always amaze me with your writing. It is written beautifully...what a way to present such a gift!! Thank you for sharing this!


  4. Thank you Jenn, very kind of you to say !!!

  5. What better gift can one give than themselves. Beautiful and heart wrenching!

  6. Thank you so kindly Kathy !!!!

  7. Dawn....what a pleasure to read this poem. It demonstrates strength, resolve, and love wrapped up in a beautiful gift!

    I am part of The Secret Blogging Society on FB even though I haven't had an opportunity to participate yet (in case you are wondering where I came from *grin). =)

  8. Nice to meet you Jewell !!! Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comment .....

  9. yes it was a beautiful comment...xoxoxo Rod