Sunday, December 19, 2010

~My Brother ~

“My brother”
Can you hear me, does my voice travel to your side
I just want you to know, that today, I did fall down and cry
I heard their words, so kind, so giving, yet I was left with no voice
I know inside I don’t understand, for I have to accept your choice
Can you hear me, my brother; today I felt your presences
You were right by my side; could you hear all my questions?
I fell to my knees as I lift the remaining of this dirt
When will all this pain fade, when will I no longer hurt?
I can still hear your voice; it lingers deep in me my brother
Today is the making of a new day as I watch all the others
Tears strolling down wet cheeks, they are all in pain for you
You never saw your meaning, you never felt the truth
Can you hear me my brother, as I toss the remaining of the dirt
I will never forget you, for I will forever remain in this hurt
Today is the day that I will always show them your truth
For today is the day my brother, the day that I buried you

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  1. This si so powerful, gripping and sad! Great write!

  2. This is a lovely poem, and captures those moments during the funeral at the cemetery at the final goodbye. You have captured the emotion so eloquently with your words. Excellent!!!