Monday, February 14, 2011

Wiltering Petals

“Wiltering petals”

So there I found the rose
Holding onto its last breath
It was wiltering away
The rose looked so lifeless

So I started removing the discolored petals
One by one
What a lovely surprise I found
As I removed each one

The rose was so much softer
Its color was even brighter
For beneath the wiltering petals
Was something even lovelier

I admired its warmth of beauty
I engulfed its sweet perfume
I had to smile to myself
Realizing its beauty wasn’t where I assumed

So I put the rose back down
To admire it once again
Knowing the rose won me over
From its beauty within

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  1. Very nice work.
    Tempted to simply say The thorns! The THORNS! but that wouldn't be good.

  2. once again I'm amazed & taken away with your work!
    such talent,
    Love Jeanne<3

  3. Thank you very much Jeaanne, very kind of you to say!!!