Friday, January 21, 2011

~Just a Memory~

“Just a memory”

You were so in love, you laugh and sang
The perfect couple they said as the church bells rang
Through smiling faces and rice being thrown
Off to your honeymoon somewhere in Rome
You made love all night; you’re in love sweet bliss
You spoken tender words and sealed your love with a kiss
You talked of a child to bloom your sweet love
Dreamt of white picket fences and snow white turtle doves
As the honeymoon comes to an end and I settle into your womb
A heartbeat I am, I’m your dream come true
As time moves on, your love for him turns into hate
Bickering and fighting as you tell him your friend has been late
I’m snuggling inside, a soft warm home
We are now one, you are no longer alone
He walks out your door; he doesn’t want to be a part of this
Wedding bells are over as he slams the door in a fit
Alone he left her; she is now crying and sad
Alone and pregnant there is no longer a dad
A mom to be she doesn’t know what to do
A moment in time she wanted me, now she hasn’t a clue
An appointment she made to talk about me
She wipes her tears away as she finds out I’m a he
She wraps her arms around her womb, to cover the sound of her voice
She says I’m so sorry, but I’m left with no choice
I give her a kick; I try to reach her heart
That was my last memory before I was ripped a part

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  1. This brought tears- so many choose this way, so many precious lives lost-

  2. It is a tough situation for everyone involved !! Thank you Rebecca