Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Father Dear

“Oh Father Dear”

Oh father dear, can you hear me, are you holding my son close?
I’m on my knees praying that it is he you love the most
In this moment of my tears, are you singing him my lullaby?
Oh father dear, did you tell him, that there are no final goodbyes?
Do you rock him in your arms at night so he knows he’s not alone?
Do you tell him stories of me from so many years ago?
Oh father dear, can you hear me, for I’m praying so you know
That in my heart, I have love for him, and I need you to tell him so
I will suffer these tears of pain just knowing he’s at peace with you
Oh father dear, up in heaven, beyond the skies of blue
Lays my son, just a baby, what is a mother to do
Every day I cry these tears and just hoping he is with you
Do the angels sing to him at night when he cries out for me?
Do they hum his special lullaby and kiss him so tenderly?
Oh father dear, can you hear me, I miss my son so
Empty arms, just praying, that you are holding my son close
In your arms do you cradle him, will you protect him for me
Do you give him the love that only a mother can give, for he is so small and sweet?
For he is just a child, so innocent, with eyes colored blue
Oh father dear, can you hear me, is my baby with you

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